What is a Buyer's Club?

GFE Buyer's Club is coordinated by one committed person, who stimulates a collective order of GFE coffee for a group that wants to buy 8+ bags of coffee per month. This cuts costs on shipping and gives more buying power to our customers! We have developed an online platform that allows Buyer's Club members to purchase their coffee directly, like our public offerings, but will pick up their coffee from a central location determined by the Buyer's Club leader.

Want to Join a Buyer's Club?

Love is Love

Georgia Tech

Agnes Scott



If you would like to join one of these Buyer's Clubs, then let us know!

Want to Create a Buyer's Club? We Make the Process Easy

Step 1: See If You Qualify 

There are a few simple requirements; these include:

  • You should expect your group to order a total of 8+ bags each month.
  • You should be prepared to send a monthly email reminder to your members (we’ll send templates and reminders).
  • You will have all of the coffee ordered by your Buyer's Club shipped to you.
  • You should be willing and able to distribute the individual bags to each of your Buyer's Club members.
  • You should look forward to receiving regular updates and reminders from the GFE team.

    Step 2: Apply

    If these requirements seem reasonable to you, and you want to begin a GFE Buyer's Club, CLICK HERE to fill out our automatic form.

    Step 3: Allow Time For Review

    Please allow (roughly) 10 business days for the GFE registration process.

    Step 4: Congrats! You're Approved.

    After we have processed your request, we will email a formal notification, which will tell you how to access your personal Buyer's Club page.